HAVAN Department store


HAVAN stores have pa2c152899195a1417205abcb6f2dadb07rtnered with the HAVAN Robot since 2010, which began when the owner of one of the largest retail chain stores in Brazil, Mr.

Luciano Hang (Ceo and unique owner), saw Robozão in action at a fashion fair in the city of Lawn. Since then the HAVAN Robot has

made the joy of customers of more than 90 stores spread all over Brazil.

The HAVAN Robot Shows are already eagerly awaited

by the townspeople, who are waiting for surprise and new music to bring in an upcoming show. It is publicized on local radios and

TVs and the public comes out in weight, generating an increase in store revenue and an increased en11148550_775390105908684_1281235420077512337_ngagement of the public with the brand.


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