The story of Colossus Man
Muito Magazine – A Tarde Newspaper –


Like almost every child, the designer Lei Almeida, 40, also had an imaginary friend. He just did not think, at

the height of his four years of age, that the Colossus Man who rejoiced his childhood would one day take on a real, three-

dimensional physical form. Thus, in the city of Itatim, in the interior of Bahia, the famous Robozão, the biggest party goer of

Brazil and Latin America, was born. It all started with his interest in the super heroes of Marvel. “I was a comic book reader,

everything I read I read.” Until he decided to tell his own stories and sell in the city’s nun. It was a success. Soon, the

comics became known in the city, until they reach Folha de S. Paulo. “They published a comic in the newspaper and sent me a

letter encouraging my work.”And so Robozão was taking shape.
Graduated in Industrial Design by UFBa, Lei began to realize that

the Bahian events were falling into sameness. “That’s when I remembered my childhood friend, Colossus Man.” After five years of

research and with the help of skilled hands in mechanics, Robozão was born.
He went public for the first time at the Salvador

Carnival and did not stop. In addition to being a character in TV shows, the 2.6-meter tall robot can be hired to appear in any

kind of party, from shows to formal events to private companies. Later this year, Reboão will win a television series, in which

he will be the protagonist. For now, that’s all Law can tell. “Who would have thought that such a child’s imagination would

bring me here?”